Kyle - Testimonial

"I’m 36, my breakfast always is a bar with coffee or tea, so I’m always looking for low-fat healthy foods that are filling, taste good, and have lots of vitamins and minerals. Your bar is at the top of my list in texture and taste. Thanks Sable for making a product that I enjoy and fits my hectic lifestyle”.

- Kyle

Registered Dietitian, Ivy League Hospital - Testimonials

Wow, this is an excellent product. The aroma is of a fresh food, particularly the smell of fresh blueberries. The texture is moist and easy to chew. While no one food is suitable for all cancer patients, I would recommend that we give these bars out as a healthy snack to our clinic patients

- Registered Dietitian, Ivy League Hospital

Kathy, RN Testimonial

The texture is moist, easy to chew and holds its form when swallowing, which are all helpful for anyone with mouth sores, dry mouth, difficulty with chewing/swallowing. Finally a product that I can recommend to my cancer patients that taste fantastic, and was created by a fellow oncology nurse with a deep knowledge and understanding of what my patients are experiencing

- Kathy, RN

Anna, Designer - Testimonials

Hi Sable, I want to let you know that I usually leave my house in the morning to visit my clients and don’t have time for breakfast. It’s great to be able to grab one of your bars to eat on the go and get some energy and nutrition to start my day

- Anna, Designer

Dr. Christopher Bromley - Testimonial

I’m very athletic and race motorcycles. I truly enjoy eating your bars not only because they are delicious and nutritious, but they also help provide the energy I need to maintain my active daily schedule.

- Dr. Christopher Bromley

SABLE'S FOODS – Nutritional Empowerment

Welcome to Sable’s Foods, a range of delicious, wholesome bars designed specifically to provide Nutritional Empowerment. Our bars were created from the knowledge and compassion of veteran oncology nurse, Alicia "Sable" Sable-Hunt, RN. With more than 15 years of wisdom and experience working in the complex world of cancer care, Sable set out to address a critical challenge: the need for nourishing, easy to eat, yet fulfilling foods that taste flavorful to patients enduring various cancer treatments.

Developed with the input of nutritionist, cancer specialists, and most importantly, with patients themselves, we have created a line of bars that are baked like a brownie, bursting with flavor and offer a nutritional value enjoyed by the cancer community, athletes and everyone else in search of Nutritional Empowerment!

With "a bite of every bar" donated to cancer research, Sable's Foods is proud to help fund the fight against cancer.