4 Important Fine Dining Rules to Observe

One of the most essential things to keep in mind when eating out at a fancy restaurant is to know proper dining etiquette. Whether it’s a New York or Sydney’s fine dining or simply a casual restaurant in town, you still have to observe proper table manners and ensure that you do not let yourself get involved in any embarrassing situations.

In fact, fine dining is a whole lot more than eating sumptuous food and drinking world-class wine, rather it involves rules that you must follow at all times. When you are invited to eat in a fine-dining restaurant in any place, you must bear in mind these useful guidelines to prevent you from being ridiculed by others:

Always dress presentably

The way you dress up almost always has something to do with how people perceive you. So, when you are out for a fine dining, make sure to dress nicely. For men, long sleeves is being worn, if not a suit. On the other hand, women must put on a pretty dress and wear heels. Remember, this is a formal dining, so you need to dress smartly and accordingly.

Do not yell at your waiter

If you are ready to order your meals, do not yell just to get noticed by a waiter. Simply make an eye contact with him. In case it does not work, then you may put up your right hand with your index finger raised to get their attention. Yelling or screaming at people is never a proper act and it says more something about your behavior, so avoid doing it, especially when you are in a restaurant.

Put your keys, purse, or cellphones inside your bag

It is one of the fine dining rules not to put any of your personal stuff on the table. The only thing to be placed on your table is your food, thus, you have to keep your belongings in your bag. Moreover, this is to avoid distraction and be able to converse with the person you are with. It is very common these days that people who eat together do not actually talk to one another because they are preoccupied with their cellphones. Hence, putting off your phone for awhile and have a meaningful conversation with each other must be practiced.

Place the napkin on your lap

Once you are seated, the napkin should be unfolded and put on your lap. Use it only to dab the mouth, but not to wipe it. And in case you need to excuse yourself from the table, make sure to place the napkin beside the plate. If you are already done eating, refold it tidily and put it on the left side of your plate.

Indeed, basic fine dining rules are just simple and does not require you a lot of effort to follow them. Sometimes, common sense is all you need to get through it. These helpful tips mentioned above will assist you in keeping your fine dining experience smooth and memorable.

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