Healthy Foods That You Should Be Eating

When it comes to healthy eating, are you the type who is all about health food or do you play the fifty-fifty game? We know we should be eating healthy foods and snacks but sometimes the healthy foods and snacks are not that appetizing. If health foods and snacks tasted better, would you eat more of them? According to an article on Fitness the best healthy foods out there that you should be eating include: Broccoli (for the vitamin K), Dark Chocolate (lots of antioxidants), Red Potatoes (contain folate and vitamin A), Salmon (lots of omega-3 fatty acids), Walnuts (more omega-3 fatty acids), Avocados (lot of vitamins), Garlic (fights the growth of bacteria), Spinach (boost the immune system), Beans: (lower your risk of heart disease and breast cancer) and Lemons (for the vitamin C). In another health article it added ever more foods to that list of healthy foods and snacks with such items like: blueberries (vitamin C), olive oil (lowers bad cholesterol), yogurt (good bacteria), and oats (lowers blood pressure and cholesterol). Eating healthy foods and snacks does not have to taste nasty if you know which foods to reach for. Next time you are having a snack attack, try and have some walnuts or blueberries instead of potato chips


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