Here Are Some Things People Do Not Know About Chocolate

Chocolate is presented as being really bad for your health but the truth is there are so many associated benefits you most likely never knew anything about till now. In fact, there are numerous benefits associated with chocolate consumption Below you can find some of them that you should know. The next time you shop from or from the local store, you may want to add chocolate in the cart.

Improved Mood

Chocolate is really good at improving mood, especially when faced with stressful or high-pressure situations. Your attention is also increased. In a study it was shown that a better cognitive performance appeared when people consumed chocolate drinks during a trial. At the same time, fatigue levels were lower than with control groups.

You Eat Less Food

Chocolate is often associated with the fact that you get fat but one thing few people know is that chocolate can also reduce appetite. In a study, a group of participants received dark chocolate or milk before they were served lunches where they could eat anything they wanted. Dark chocolate ingestion showed 17% lower calorie intakes. Also, since your mood is improved, you are less likely to overeat.

Chocolate Strengthens Your Heart

This may come as a surprise but regular chocolate consumption was shown to improve cardiovascular health. HDL cholesterol is increased because of cacao’s polyphenols. This decreases the oxidized LDL cholesterol levels. You also get higher circulating nitric oxide levels, lower platelet adhesion and an overall improved blood circulation. There was even a study that showed chocolate consumption can increase nitric oxide in your body. This is really good since it helps regulate dilation tone, inflammatory response, signals cell growth and will protect your blood vessels.

Increased Sun Protection And Getting Glowing Skin

Chocolate is much better than expected when it comes to modulating blood flow and maintaining healthy skin. There was a study that showed skin health markers are improved when consuming high flavanol cocoa powder for 12 weeks. Also, sunburn was actually reduced after being exposed to solar simulators. This is why you so often see chocolate added to skin care products.

Lowering Inflammation

Another thing you should know about chocolate is that it has strong inflammation-modulating properties. Basically, if you do have inflammatory problems, it is a good idea to add some dark chocolate to your diet.

Chocolate As A Prebiotic

The original assumption was that cacao polyphenols modulate biomarkers. However, in reality, the effect is quite indirect. Chocolate works by interacting with the gut microbiome. According to research, low molecular weight quality cocoa flavanols are absorbed straight into the blood. With larger polyphenols colon microflora has to work to break them down. Basically, eating chocolate is good for your digestive system.

The Only Real Problems

Chocolate is actually really good for your body but there are two problems to be aware of. First off, just high-quality dark chocolate is really good. Secondly, most of the products presented as containing chocolate only include really small quantities of cocoa. Do be sure you shop smart to feel the benefits mentioned above.

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