Lose weight while you work with the right food choices

Is it possible to lose weight while working an office job? Sitting down for hours at a time can be detrimental to your diet and exercise plan. However, with a few careful adjustments to your routine, losing weight at your desk may not be as impossible as you think.


Choose healthy office snacks

Sitting in front of a computer all day often leads to poor food choices, with junk food and vending machine snacks ranking high on the list. If you want to lose weight, what you choose to snack on during the day must be conducive to this.

Although fast food might seem like the easiest solution, it’s even easier to have fresh fruit by your desk every day with Fruitfuloffice.com. Thanks to daily deliveries of fresh fruit straight to your workplace, they take the hassle out of healthy eating so you can snack well.

Get rid of the caffeine

We all need a caffeine boost to see us through our day – or do we? In fact, we don’t. Water is all you need to stay adequately hydrated, and being hydrated allows your body and mind to function the way they should. No need to seek out an unhealthy boost from sugary soda, cappuccinos or energy drinks – simply keep a bottle of water on your desk and sip from that.

If plain water is a bit too boring, add some yummy fruit slices to it to jazz up the taste!

Stand around more

Sitting is bad for your circulation and can make you feel sluggish. Standing increases your energy while burning extra calories and increasing your blood flow. Whether it’s at the printer, waiting for a page to load or simply standing during your break time, ensure that you stand up as much as possible during your day.

Bring a packed lunch

Aside from choosing your office snacks carefully, it’s also a good idea to bring a packed lunch if you are watching your weight. That way, you can control what you are eating and how much, instead of being tempted to head to the nearest restaurant with co-workers when you’re hungry, and less likely to choose healthy options as a result.

However, bringing a packed lunch is not an excuse to eat at your desk! Make an effort to get outside, breathe in some fresh air or go for a brisk walk. It makes all the difference!

Get active

Bike or walk to work if you can, and if you live too far away, simply park your car that bit further from the office so you get in some exercise on your way to and from work each day.

You can fit extra movement into your day at the office too, by taking the stairs instead of the lift, or walking around the office whenever you get a chance for a break. It all adds up!

Overall, these tips may not sound like much on their own, but put them together and see the difference!

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