Reasons Why Maine Lobsters are the Best

Of the lobsters available for sale, you might want to try Maine lobsters. They are also among the most popular in the crustacean family. Sometimes, they are referred to as the American lobster. They have five pairs of legs and huge claws. The largest portions of meat are usually found on the said areas. They can be found off the coast of the Atlantic.

They are spiny in nature. When it comes to taste, Maine lobsters are simply the best. They are sweeter and softer. They are best sold live instead of frozen and just like other lobsters, they turn red when cooked.

Are you craving a Maine lobster now? Crave no more. You can easily buy fresh Maine lobster by going online. The best part is that they are available all-year round. In nearly every part of the United States, you can easily buy these lobsters. They are also best bought during spring and summer when they are abundant. Lobsters are generally pricey, but the prices go down during these seasons.

Choosing the best

The first thing to consider is whether a lobster is fresh or not. The reason why you want to buy it alive is because bacteria form easily in dead crustaceans. It helps if you buy it while it is still breathing. There are ways to handle lobsters where it remains alive until it arrives to you.

Another thing to check on delivery is the tail. If it curls up, the lobster is alive. Also, you need one that has a huge tail or claws, since most of the meaty parts are concentrated in these areas. Take note that lobsters become sluggish when delivered frozen in ice. However, if its tail curls the moment you touch it, it’s still alive.

You should also consider the size. Just because it is big does not necessarily mean it is better. Find one that is meatier and has softer meat.

What to do upon arrival

When your order arrives, make sure that you cook it on the same day. Take note that lobsters do not thrive in fresh water and they no longer taste good when dead. You should store them for only a few hours. They are also better cooked alive. Don’t feel bad, since their nervous systems works in such a way that the moment they touch hot water, they die.

Once the lobster is ready for cooking, your imagination is the limit. There are tons of dishes that you can create out of lobster meat. Check out Maine lobster prices now if you really are interested in cooking the best lobster. For sure, your craving will be satisfied.

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